Gazebo In a Storm

Lifted and thrown as a cowboy before the stampede.
Offering little defence from progressive assaults
It flies, bounces, galloping before the tempest
Yet somehow ….


For Adam and Liz

A poem for Adam and Liz who are starting the adventure that is married life together

My Sister

a poem of things left undone and forgiveness

Boxes In the Attic

My wife and I had reason to empty out our loft of all the old boxes that we’ve stored up there over the years. As we worked to get the boxes down, they just kept on coming. Dozens of boxes. There were so many memory boxes and things we’d put there till we could get…

The Moor

A poem for my friend on her birthday…

You are the problem

You are the problem! You and all the others like you. I don’t ask for much, Enjoying simple pleasures. All I want is to reach The quietude and peace Of my refuge. Yet on my journey, I am joined by you. With me and yet, not with me. Travelling together But you don’t acknowledge me,…

My Valentine

I mentioned in my last post that we had valentines day a bit early, well last night we went out for an Indian meal and we thought it would be amusing to give ourselves a ten varied/ random words challenge to make a valentines poem for each other. Valentine, Love, Grapefruit, cascade, artwork, apple, grizzled, pinnacle,…

Like a Castle

It’s Valentines day tomorrow so I thought I’d write a poem for my wife to tell her that I love her. We’ve been married now for 28 years and she is wonderful. I must say that this is my first attempt at a romantic poem ever as my cards have usually contained something of the…

A Poem?

Sometimes the muse doesn’t come…