Welcome to my ruminations, where I chew the cud on things that are happening in the news or in my personal experience. I’ve always liked looking at systems of belief and why people do what they do. There are so many philosophies and so many religions all claiming some thing and all attempting to explain the world around us.

I took a course in philosophy and much enjoyed it. There was one thing that the teacher told the class that has stuck with me – in all philosophies, including religions, there are still big outstanding questions that simply cannot be proven. At some point the adherence to every philosophy requires faith. We listen to the points made and accept the ideas that are most congenial to us and most in line with our own experience.

This has caused me to be more comfortable with my own faith and also to be more accepting with other peoples faith and ideas want to know how it works for them. All very interesting. And there are so many people and differences. As my father used to enjoy reminding me, “There’s nowt so strange as folk”

I hope you enjoy these notes and ideas.



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