For Adam and Liz

I was at their wedding last weekend and the people at my table at the reception gave me a word each for a special poem for the happy couple. It was quite an odd list, including blizzard, beautiful, Constantinople, theatrical, Solzhenitsyn, pantaloon (that was a mean word, and why not in the plural?), formula and oddment. Here is the result.

Blinded, as if in blizzard whiteout
By the beautiful love
That filled his eyes.
She, exotic, an oddment
As if from Constantinople
Escaped from theatrical wonders
To her Solzhenitsyn,
Her man of imagination and insight.
Together eschewing the rote and formulaic
For the lively and wild:
A pantaloon in the cathedral
A duck in the palace
A life of fun and romance

Adam and Liz, may you always have the same love for each other as you do now, and the same level of fun.


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