Mercy vs Justice

“Craig Sheppard, I am about to judge you for all the things that you have done in your life. But before I do, I ask, do you want to be judged with Mercy or Justice?” In this imaginary scene I have died and am standing before God. I have seen my life reviewed and am…

Above the storm

My son gave me a twenty words poetry challenge with the following. Hang glider, Grenade, Holocaust, Malaria, Genocide, Jelly beans, Candy floss, Euphoria, Worship, Taboo, Vulgar, Creamery, Patience, Pikachu, Apocalypse, Sonar, Tusks, Neuron, Hyacinth, Lower colon, Parasite, Abdication. I enjoyed creating the following, so I thought I’d share it here Unmoving. Stationary. A feeling of floating,…

Listening to God: Examples

As an inexperienced young man I was suddenly put in a position where my ability to hear the Gods will was visible.

Personal Instructions from God

Does God ever have things that He needs us to do? Not just global things that all mankind needs to do? How does god tell us specific things, like, “Craig, your neighbour is having a hard time right now. I want to you go round and strengthen him”.

How do we know what God Wants?

Sometimes two good principles conflict. What to do? An impending schism in the Church of England reflects such a problem

Who is God and what is He like?

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a family and we were talking about religion. They were regular attenders of their church, a Ghanaian evangelical church and would travel from Aylesbury to Watford each week to do so. They were good, sincere people who really wanted to get close to Jesus and that was…