The Poetry Challenge

I was at a wedding and sought for a special something that I could add to the guest book that would let my nephew and his new wife know that I thought they were worthy of something special. A poem written specially for them would do the trick.

After a while with my muse hiding in some dark unfathomable hole I needed something that would tempt the muse back out, something to pique it’s interest and let me pour forth once more. I asked my son for twenty random words, all of which I would include in my poem. Being a curious and competitive creature, on hearing this the muse returned in a haze about my head until the following poem had cascaded onto, first, a napkin and second, into the guest book.

The best two days of possibility
A pinnacle of pleasure, golden pineapple sweet
Beautiful as quadrilateral clouds meandering across the Mormon skyline.

Dark nimbus and cumulonimbus anvils,
March aggressively overhead as if spelunking Hitlers,
With psychopathic aspect stealing the peace and tranquillity of the inexperienced young.
A Heist of stupefying proportions.

How can it be?
Dissect the past.
Follow the mitochondrial tracks through intimidating jungle trails
From indigestion to spoon. Gastroenteritis to Tesco
Effect to Cause, See the cause.

The circle of life, a solitaire hoola-hoop spinning around
Again and again,
We struggle up only to plummet down
highs and lows, sense and selfish stupidity,
Can there be no end, no redemption?

With two hearts now one
Open to share, and bathe in the light of kindness
And love
Commencement, Endurance, Exaltation
From hope to reality.

So here was the list of words: stupid, spoon , quadrilateral, pineapple, gastroenteritis, Tesco, cumulonimbus, solitaire, circle, Hitler, psychopathic, exaltation, heist, stupefying, mitochondrial, hoola-hoop, plummet, stupefying, tranquillity, spelunking.

I thought it would be fun to see if anyone else wanted to have a go. Please, nothing sexual and no bad language. I try to be a nice guy after all.

Here are your words:

bottle, adhesive, tin mine, tapestry, rheumatism, mainstream, globular, verdant, criminal, global, viscus, drop, slide, climb, chocolate, coffee, shoes, trap, shine, Christmas

You are allowed to alter the word ending to make it fit – this is for fun after all, not for points. Good luck and enjoy.


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